Blowing one's own horn is awkward. Pero, if you don't do it, nadie mas lo ara.

Here are some recommended steps to getting yourself out there and bits on why it matters.

Understand your network so that you can leverage your position and elevate your business, products, projects, and successes to those who care and matter.

Your social network is a form of currency, take a moment to understand who is in the bag. Provided is a handy tool for easier social network mapping -

Develop a list of potential stories. Don't let over thinking keep you from a great thing. It is important to allow yourself to list freely without rules.

Get it out of your head. Keep the list growing. Duplicates only mean you really love the idea. Keep adding and find opportunities to intersect or bundle ideas. Then ask, how do these stories connect to your social networks? Connect the dots and improve upon personalized stories designed for the audiences who will receive them.

Consider industry, association or business memberships. Taking on a membership is a tremendous way to grow your social network.

We caution you that you do the research and not rush into anything. Choose wisely, be certain there is a value exchange and only consider organizations that will benefit your mission and overall goals. Ask, does this membership boost my business? Develop a list of direct and indirect benefits and evaluate the trade off.

Toot your own horn. Just do it, we promise you will be alright. Developing your personal story is critical because only you know all the things involved to get you to where you stand.

Allow for others to tell your story and integrate you into their community and networks. Research opportunities for accolades, honors and recognitions in the industry and at all levels.  Then, build your story out and find a trusted and respected industry partner to nominate you for those found honorable recognitions. We bet that person would be delighted to support you in anything you need especially if you have already developed the storyline and all they need to do is vouch for you. Sounds painless, right?

Develop relationships with the press at all levels of society. Create a media list and get to know the people on the list personally and professionally.

Plan to regularly share opportunities for your business and your person to be highlighted and discovered online. Understanding the interests of press partners will increase the chances of your stories being a fit for the news they are looking to tell.

Website and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It's not enough to have a website, it is more important that your website is found across search engines.

One recommended way you do that is by building a consistent stream of content such as blogs. Tell your story and do it regularly making mentions of your social network, recognitions and unique stories. The more you share and the more of your network that you link to your stories the greater potential you will have to be discovered by anyone searching for you directly or indirectly searching for a related interest. It pays to be found. Get discovered.

Connect via nearshore with Sonoran talent. This is a regular solution that we offer to our clients not only because it's less costly but because you get access to a real professional looking to grow and who can offer a skill set that will keep you from  draining the clock and leave you feeling defeated. Do what you are good at and nearshore the rest. Ask us about opportunities to connect to remote digital talent in Sonora for language solutions, full stack development, product design, branding, design elements, digital marketing and so much more.

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