Photo Credit: University of Arizona

Interview with Robert Johnson, Ed Tech Researcher

Hi Robert, tell us about yourself:

I am a border town kid that has grown up around cutting edge technology. I have spent the last ten years working in and out around educational technology and in the past six years my focus has been on entrepreneurship.

In the past, I have launched two startups and three major research projects at the University of Arizona, two of which are published.

What I care about is the future of equity and making technology easier for everyone.

Share with us about your work across borders:

I have been an organizer for Techstars Startup Weekend in partnership with Startup Unidos since 2017, totaling three one-of-a-kind cross border Startup Weekends; Ambos Nogales (2017), Latinx In Tech Tucson (2019) and Borderlands USA-MEX Online (2020). My contribution has been in mentorship and development of budding startup communities across the Arizona-Sonora region.

My work has since expanded to supporting border youth startup NOGECO, as part of a University of Arizona fellowship WASTE NOT: Borderlands Innovation In Food Waste Management. It was a doing work with  Ambos Nogales youth and keeping ties with my hometown.

As a SU Collaborator, how has the Startup Unidos Network helped:

It has given me a new platform to elevate my own experiences while serving as a resource and guide for others who are looking to grow in the network. It combines my interest and opens up a network of connections that I may have not been able to access otherwise.

The diverse set of projects I have worked on feed my passion while helping me unfold new interests; including, University of Arizona, ASU Peoria Forward, Techstars Startup Weekend, WASTE NOT with so much more building for the future.

How will the Startup Unidos Network continue to support you in the future:

By branching out opportunities and experiences to continue to support what I believe in which is to bring entrepreneurship, sustainability and technology to border communities across United States and Mexico.

Memories: Robert Johnson, Ambos Nogales Startup Weekend

Place: Nogales, Sonora, Mexico

Memories: Robert Johnson, Latinx In Tech Startup Weekend

Place: Tucson, Arizona, USA