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Interview with German Urrego, Founder and CEO of UNIVIDOC

Hi German, tell us about yourself:

I am an immigrant who has been in the US for 20+ years. I came to US with my family and lived undocumented for 15 years; with that came poverty, hungry, discrimination and others heart wrecking things.

Nonetheless, my attitude has always been positive and progressive. I brought with me the idea that everything is possible and that is my daily pursuit.

Share with us about your work across borders:

I believe in globalization especially now a ways. Technology allows for me to work across LATAM promoting entrepreneurship and empowering Columbians, Mexicans, Salvadorians and others to open up US markets via e-commerce.

Presently, as founder and CEO of UNIVIDOC we are providing Telehealth services to the Hispanic market in US by connecting doctors in their own countries.

As a SU Collaborator, how has the Startup Unidos Network helped:

Before, I say anything, I need to say I love Startup Unidos. If I was not so deeply involved in UNIVIDOC, I would 100% be involved with SU mission and vision that has implanted in my heart.

Talking about how SU has supported UNIVIDOC. Not an exaggeration, everything we have accomplished has been supported; from team development, establishing a network, the hard work invested in events. Through it all, I was connected to the right people and because of that we have built a powerful tech stack and found our CTO and thanks to the network our startup journey multiplied in impact.

How will the Startup Unidos Network continue to support you in the future:

I believe that what SU has started will continue to grow. With that effort, our global marketplace will ride the wave together.

SU in the next 5-10 years, has the potential to be the Techstars of LATAM. Why, because there is no love for LATAM Borderlands like that of SU. Similar to the love Techstars shows America. And in the USA, SU can dominate the Spanish speaking entrepreneurship communities. I will keep pushing for that to become reality.

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