Photo: La Linea Art Studio on Morley Ave, Nogales, Arizona

Border communities are so much more than most imagine due to the conditions along the border constantly changing there truly is no better place to innovate.

For example, defined as an enterprise zone community, Nogales boasts a 200 year history of entrepreneurship, mercantilism and international trade, inclusive of not just Santa Cruz County, but all of northern Sonora as well.

@losnasdrovia - Nogales, Arizona

Citizens of Nogales are cosmopolitan internationally comfortable different languages, currencies, beliefs and traditions making them better prepared for the increasingly competitive global economy. The community, long situated along the historic trade corridor is enterprising, practical and adaptive. Functionally, the community serves as a micro-processor for a manufacturing and produce hub that lives and breathes trade logistics and facilitation.

It is normal to assume small communities can’t innovate. Many of us at Startup Unidos have been there too. We have since refreshed our perspective and seeing Nogales through an entrepreneurial lens has changed everything.

We're continuing to work on innovative ways to get people in the region thinking differently. We are open to you ideas so do not hesitate to reach out directly