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  • Hear how a startup for startups leveraged connections to help shape an innovation cross-border network
  • Discover how social capital was applied as the key driver in multicultural community development
  • Explore how social capital supports with inclusivity across diverse networks
  • Learn about proven principles and how to build or leverage social capital that is tailored to your unique traits and interests

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Social Capital Map:

Eco Map:

Know the difference! You can walk the talk if you know what makes up your social currency.

Bond , Bridge, Link, oh my!

"Bonding social capital is good for “getting by” and bridging is crucial for “getting ahead” published  Social Capital Research & Training

Strong Ties; where the comfort zone lives. Highly likely, those in this zone are very much like you and their networks interlock with yours.

Weak Ties; the zone where you can shine by offering access to people who are different and disparate sources of information.

Weak ties over Strong ties; reach out to at least 1-2 people per week and watch your social capital blow up!

Seek to understand. There is more to learn than there is to share.

Social Equity; ask and deliver.

Sun Corridor is a transborder mega-region, a real gem! Get to know your neighbors. Discover opportunity.

Ambos Nogales Border Destination Tour with Tucson Young Professionals

Memory captured at Holler & Saunders in Nogales, Arizona

Startup Weekend Hermosillo with mentors visiting from Tucson, Arizona

Memory captured at Tec de Monterrey Campus Sonora Norte

Mission Trip to Comisión Sonora-Arizona event in Hermosillo, Sonora

Memory captured at Fiesta Americana just before the meetings began!

Border Innovation Tour; take 1 of many!

Memory captured along Morley Ave in Nogales, Arizona. Train is traveling from Mexico to USA in the background.

"Thinking outside the block" ~ German Urrego, Unividoc

Most black and latinx networks just need a push and opportunity to step above the neighborhood level.

Make choices that push you to diversify!

Those in the existing social capital gap are needing for someone to vouch for them so they can breakthrough. Help others breakthrough!

Networks + Knowledge = Relationships

Social currency has a multiplier effect! Spread it around loosely.

Social Mobility

Get Curious. Learn the story of others. Share what you know. Make a connection.

Durable relationships require we listen and provide support to reach their end point. Help someone breakthrough!

Startup Weekend Latinx In Tech in collaborating with Kapor Center.

Memory captured at La Estrella de Tucson / AZ Daily Start in Tucson, Arizona

It's not all about creating environments for collaboration.

If there is no table to host a much needed conversation, we will build the table and invite the right voices to be heard.

We said, give, give, give! Be proactive, too!

Take advantage of the tools you have on hand by optimizing features! For example iPhone Card set-up to utilize as a quick and effective way to share your information on the fly or curated WhatsApp Groups, such as AZ-SON Startup Unidos.

Build a strategy so you're not giving away your social capital! Make your social capital work for you.

To leverage your social capital you can start by identifying your network, preparing for contact, engage with intention and always continuing discovering.