San Miguel High School freshman, Isaac Casarotto, works remotely on his assigned CWSP workdays for his workplace, Startup Unidos.

What is Isaac doing remotely?
Remotely, Isaac is developing a list of active small businesses located in Southern Arizona; requiring research, data entry, and communication. The list will help us with outreach to these companies so that we can promote Pima Community College's and Arizona Commerce Authority's rural community initiative resources; PCCC SBDC and ACA, both clients of Startup Unidos.

What tools does Isaac use?
Isaac uses Google Hangouts, Google Sheets, Chrome web browsers, a phone, Google applications, and earbuds.

What skill set is he developing?
Isaac is developing several skills, including, business development, research, data entry, communication, discovery of Southern Arizona small businesses, expanding social networks, and learning new ways of using Google for business applications.
-Stephanie Bermudez, Founder at Startup Unidos

Remote Work Tip: Do you need online research conducted and documented? It's a great time to engage your student worker(s) with remote research, and lighten your workload!

"We hope you are well and adjusting to new work and life norms during this uncertain time. We are grateful for your continued support and look forward to the day that we can work with you in-person again."