Lots of energy! The unveiling of Nogaleria Giant Canvas Exhibit. We got up close and personal to host a conversation with local graffiti and hip hop collective of Nogaleria.

The Giant Canvas, as they called it, is a 7 foot high mobile structure made with MDF boards built to simulate a wall, with the purpose of doing a large mural and setting it as a stage for performances and projections. Due to exhibit by Dec. 6, the Giant Canvas will continue even after the Startup Weekend event, as part of Nogalería, with hopes of changing its location from time to time throughout the city.

"The very first time I met Priscilla “Nefftys” Rodriguez,  I hired her as an artist to perform at Beyond the Wall Festival which I co-organized in 2017. Her music touches on topics about living in the border, preserving the roots, and awareness of current social issues through art. Nefftys is also known for making murals along with her husband, Gerardo Frias, which together have been able to carry out several projects in Ambos Nogales, including an exhibition currently at the only art museum in Nogales, Sonora. I learned they also worked closely with VozFrontera on a few mural projects done for the community, so I couldn’t hesitate to sponsor a collaboration with them. "

"I can definitely see Priscilla carrying out this project which will benefit Nogales not only regarding the local arts and history, but also touching on entrepreneurship with the Nogalería Tour which I think has a great potential to bring back tourism in Nogales. " said, Startup Unidos Founder, Stephanie Bermudez