LYCS MX 2020 fue un evento creado por la Universidad de Arizona y el Tecnologico de Monterrey para las almunas interesadas en enfocarse en su desarrollo personal y perfesional en alugin area de STEM

Stephanie Bermudez, fundadora de Startup Unidos dio un presentacion inolvidable! El 101 de LinkedIn.

When young people join LinkedIn early in their career they could acceralate the process of being hired or starting up! Think of your LinkedIn as your digital resume, a strong first impression.

Little or no experience? No problem, Stephanie showed how much more can be done than imagine. Many things that young professionals looking to start a career can include.

Employers want it all! She embraced the participants to leverage their soft skills. This LinkedIn student shows the top 10 sought after skills by employers! All soft skills!!

The following are form the BUILD portion of the LinkedIn 101 presentation.

COVER PHOTO: the photo banner should reinforce who you are and support the writtern part of your profile. This imagine communicates your identity.

PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOT: this is the first photo recruiters see of you and how they decide if they click on your profile. It is important to showcase your best.

HEADLINE: the headline should entice readers to click on your profile to learn more about your expriences and background.

SUMMARY: this is where you give people a flavor of who you are. It is important to move from the student to becoming the professional.

EXPERIENCE: your unique career path is a big part of who you are today. That's why being able to showcase your individual professional journey.

EDUCATION: shows your academic level of thinking, include everything! Always list your highest qualifications.

SKILLS & ENDORSEMENTS: having your skills endorsed contributes to the strength of your profile and increases the chances of you being discovered.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: shows progress or advancement whenever you can. Show everythin you can, everytime.

RECOMMENDATIONS: most powerful ways to draw employers to your profile. It shows what you are greatest at.

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