"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new." - Albert Einstein

For the first time ever, Startup Unidos hosted its Time to Fail session. Two entrepreneurs joined us to talk about the times they have failed and how that has taken them to where they are today. The first speaker was Manny Felix, the CEO and founder of AZ Cyber Initiative, he graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science Spanish Translations and Interpretation. He holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University School of Continuing Studies in Applied Intelligence with focus on Cyber Defense, Law Enforcement, and National Security. He is originally from Magdalena, Sonora, but grew up in Nogales Arizona. During his session he talked about something very important, which is that failure is inevitable for success, and it can look in many different ways. He discussed how his was the fear of failing and disappointing his parents and eventually himself. After a lot of internal struggle, he decided not to fail himself as “no one knows you better than you”, and to take his own path. Up to this day he doesn’t regret the decisions that he has made, which have allowed him not only to be happy and where he is, but also to give back to his community.

Finally we had Edgar Robles join us, he graduated the Universidad de Sonora campus Nogales with a bachelor’s in International Business. In 2018 he started his journey with entrepreneurship. Based on his experience, he was able to tell us that you fail a lot in entrepreneurship, however, you apply those things you’ve learnt because of it into your next project, and you keep going. Eventually your projects become better, more successful, and you learn a lot more from each of them. One of the main takeaways from his session is how we need to be extremely aware of the world, our community, and its context, as it is always changing, it always brings new opportunities that won’t necessarily be there after; so it is very important that we seize them as we go. By doing this, we can become key factors into solving a problem and helping our communities.

This session was also part of the SciTech preliminary event to the Techstars Startup Weekend Nogales and the recording is available at Startup Unidos on YouTube:

Failure Stories w/ Manny Felix & Edgar Robles / Historias de Fracaso con Manny Felix y Edgar Robles