As a young entrepreneur seeking to grow more in the business world, I appreciated this internship experience I had with Startup Weekend Borderlands USA-MEX Online 2020. This bilingual, binational event connected me with like minded individuals and provided me with a new online experience during this pandemic.

As a mentor liaison, my main role for this Startup Weekend was to provide mentors with a smooth, organized, and wonderful experience because we all know communication is key.

One of my favorite take-a-ways from this Startup Weekend event was learning and working with new technology tools. Often times people have a love/hate relationship with technology, but I feel with this pandemic we are learning to appreciate it much more than before. After all, this event and experience would not have come to life without it.

Discord was one of the technology platforms we used for this event. Usually it is for gaming, but we utilized it in a way for business. There are lots of organizing tools on this platform which was a spectacular feature. Participants could find the information they needed and even ask questions regarding that topic all in one area.

Another technology tool we used was Calendly. This is an appointment scheduling software that is easy to use and customizable. For this Startup Weekend we had participants schedule meetings with mentors through Calendly. The greatest part was being able to include information on how each mentor can best help the participants so they knew exactly who to talk to and when.

Thinking of different ways to use technology to fit a unique event during challenging times is very creative! Startup Weekend Borderlands did a great job of this.

-Erica Cantua, Erixaart | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube