Original article by Fronteras Desk

Residents from across the U.S.-Mexico border region are coming together for a binational and bilingual online startup weekend Nov. 13-15. The event is focused on solving problems specific to the borderlands.

The first edition of Startup Weekend Borderlands will be virtual because of the coronavirus pandemic. That has presented challenges for the team-based event. But organizer Cesar Torres, of Hermosillo, said that's actually opened the door for entrepreneurs, business folks, developers and designers from a wider swath of the U.S.-Mexico border region to participate.

"It's a great opportunity to include some of the other regions," he said. "So we have Baja California, we have Chihuahua, people from Texas, people from California. And obviously including Arizona and Sonora."

Entrepreneurs in Arizona and Sonora have teamed up for startup weekends in the past, but this is the first event of this scope. Torres said it's a chance for people of all ages and experience levels to make connections with other borderlands entrepreneurs.

Participants will form teams to create innovative solutions to problems that disproportionately affect borderlands communities, with help from experienced mentors. Then judges will select a winning team.

Registration will be open until the day of the event, which starts at 5 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 13.